ProStructures Help

ProStructures Options - Options tab

Used to specify general settings for the program.

The following table illustrates the description to each setting when checked.
Analysis View For shape properties, an additional tab for the static view is available. If this option is not required, you can deactivate it here generally.
Display Measurement Unit dialog You are asked at the beginning of a new drawing in which unit system you want to work (metrical or British). Otherwise, the current setting will be adopted.

As the consequent use of the same unit system within a drawing is indispensable for the correct display of shapes, the modification of the system variable MEASUREMENT that is responsible for this can cause unwanted results.

This option grants that the once selected unit system is kept and a corresponding hint will be displayed in case of (mostly unwanted) modifications

Enable DSTV Naming The shape and bolt designations in a parts list are named according to the latest DSTV standard.
Remove redundant modifications Drill holes e.g. which lie outside of the shape after a length modification has been performed, are deleted automatically.
Remove redundant Logical Links Logical links, which haven’t any meaning any more, are deleted when parts are deleted. During normal operation, this option should be turned on.
Remove references at compress When the drawing is cleaned with the key-in compressed, in order to reduce the drawing size, unused shape references can be deleted after confirmation.
Check DGN during loading Each time the drawing is opened, it is verified with regard to invalid group entries. In some cases, unexpectedly big drawings could be created which is avoided using this option.
Recalculate Parts when needed When set, recalculates parts for any changes to the part database.
Select group as whole This option permits selection of groups as a whole.
Dashboard Welcome at Startup The Bentley Structural Dashboard is opened when ProStructures is started.
Tip: The Dashboard can be opened at any time by selecting the Launch Dashboard tool.
Convert Boolean In case of Boolean volume operations, the solid, which is responsible for the processing, will be parameterized.

Thus it is possibly to modify the dimensions of the processing later, even if the solid responsible for the processing doesn’t exist any more (in the case it was e.g. only an auxiliary object and has been deleted again).

Ignore Modifications Ignores modifications in the boolean body and parameterized. Enabled when Convert Boolean is set.
Check Maximum Shape Length The shape lengths are automatically verified when a shape is inserted.
Check hole edge distance The admissible edge distances are automatically verified if drill holes are inserted.
Ignore inner edges Internal calculations are not carried out by AutoCAD® each time a part is "touched ," but only if it is really necessary. This shortens the processing time of some functions.
Assign description level Component parts are placed on the corresponding layer indicated in the description file.
Execute Boolean First When logical links are processed, the Boolean volume operations within the parts are carried out before a cut is made. The display of component parts can change by using this option.
Log DGN Input When set, each DGN load process creates log file in the current folder.
Note: Appears when Expert Mode in the Dialog Settings is set to "Expert".