ProStructures Help

Shapes - Options tab

Used to edit additional defaults affecting the behavior of the Shapes tool during shape insertion.

Height Sets the height above the current UCS-plane where the shapes are inserted.
Start Offset Set the offset at the starting point of straight shapes.
End Offset Sets the offset at the end point of straight shapes.
Radius The rounding radius at shapes which are inserted several times
Scale Sets the insertion scale if the shapes have to be inserted as 2D depictions.
Horizontal Offset Sets the distance of the shapes, if a shape class has been selected permitting an offset of several shapes, in the horizontal direction. (SHAPECLASSLAYOUT=HORDOUBLE, QUADRUPLE, DIAGONAL)
Vertical Offset Sets the distance of the shapes, if a shape class has been selected permitting an offset of several shapes, in the vertical direction. (SHAPECLASSLAYOUT=VERDOUBLE, QUADRUPLE, DIAGONAL)
Angular Insertion Options If you select an insertion along a defined length and position, you can select which point of the shape is used at the pick point. Choices are:
  • Shape Start
  • Shape Center
  • Shape End
Insert in current X,Y Plane All picked points are perpendicular to the current UCS-plane before being evaluated.
Orientate after Insertion When on, allows you to rotate the shape about its insertion axis immediately after insertion. This is done by clicking somewhere in the model with the left mouse button. Each click rotates the shape in increments of 90°.
Insert Reference Points The insertion points of the shape are entered as reference points into the shape. This permits later tracing back of the original insertion points and, if need be, their dimensioning.
Insert As 2D-Shape After insertion, the shape is projected as 2D-shape onto the current UCS-plane. You can scale the shape for a depiction related to scale. 
  • Display as real - Enabled when Insert As 2D-Shape is on. When on, the shape is displayed with its actual radius.
Close dialog after insertion When on, the dialog closes immediately after shape insertion is finished. When off, the dialog stays open, and has to be closed explicitly. This behavior of the dialog permits the direct modification of inserted shapes.
Keep Length The entry in the Length input field is restored at next opening of the dialog.
Enable Chains at Points Input Upon entering placement points, the last point selected is used as starting point for the next shape.
Adjust to Workframe Supports are adjusted to the workframe into which they are inserted.
Connect AEC Lines When on, AEC lines (static effect lines) of the inserted subordinate girders are automatically connected with the AEC-lines of the main girders.
Cope When on, subordinate girders are coped at the main girders.
Cope Template Select the desired cope template from the available templates.
  • - Opens the Cope dialog, which is used to specify the settings for copes and to create new templates.