ProStructures Help

ProStructures Options - Bolts tab

Used to specify settings for bolt display.

Layout Sets the mode in which the new bolts are displayed. Bolts can be inserted into the drawing with different display settings: as Middle Line, Line with Circle, Extruded Circles or in real Display.
Enable Back to Back Bolting When checked, permits automatic bolted connections back-to-back; the bolts are guided through all parts (penetrating bolts).
Use Global Workloose When checked, disallows setting an individual clearance in the dialogs, but a uniform value is used instead by retrieving data from hole diameter table
Round calculated grip length to Sets the grip length rounded value. When the bolt is attached, the found clamping length is rounded to a clamping length which can be divided through the indicated value.
Round only larger values When checked, the rounding is set to the next bigger value, ignoring shorter bolts. The found clamping length is not decreased, but always increased.
Search for smaller Bolts When checked, then If a bolt cannot be created with the found size, the next smaller bolt will be searched and used.
Calculate Bolt weight When checked, the bolt weight is calculated approximately unless a weight has been indicated in the database.