ProStructures Help

DetailCenter Express

The DetailCenter-Express! is an extension of the DetailCenter to carry out recurring detailing tasks as fast as possible.

In the actual DetailCenter, you can make exact detailing settings and you can decide for each component part separately whether and how it has to be detailed and placed on drawings. On the other hand, the DetailCenter Express! works off the complete detailing according to a pre-set pattern. Start such a detailing pattern with the preparation of the model for detailing and complete it with clearance work functions after insertion of the 2D-details in the workshop plans.

Note: You can define the patterns for different tasks by means of templates and then carry out the detailing with a single mouse click.

As you perhaps know already from the installation assistants of this and other programs, the DetailCenter Express! will guide you through the necessary settings for the detailing pattern. You only can start detailing after having made all necessary settings.

For this purpose, the dialog offers you different pages one after the other which can vary depending on your default settings. In this manual, we can therefore only describe any possible pages in the order of their being displayed. It can, also be that one or more pages don’t exist due to your default settings.