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Improved Associative Extraction Support for Concrete Solids in Reference Files

It is now possible to extract Associative Faces of MicroStation Solids or OpenBridge Modeler objects in files attached as references.

As a result, it is now possible to separate concrete and reinforcement models, and better support for concrete geometry updates.

Together with other enhancements delivered in previous updates, it is now possible for multiple users to work on a project, attaching concrete models created in ProConcrete, MicroStation, OpenBridge Modeler as a reference and simultaneously reinforce different concrete objects. Concrete modelers retain ownership of their model and when any changes are made in the concrete model, rebar detailers can easily update reinforcement, if it is placed based on Associative Extractions and Intersections.

Improved Display Rules Support for Rebar Properties

In Display Rules, it is now possible to select rebar attributes like:

  • Nominal Spacing
  • Quantity
  • Bar Length
  • Bar Mark
  • Bar Size
  • Grade
  • Coating

As a result, it is now possible to view the model in a much clearer way, for example color-coding bars based on their size.

It can also be used for Quality Assurance, for example to visually check what bar grades or coating is used in the model.

Improved Label Placement and Adjustment

Label Placement is now more intuitive and fully supported by AccuDraw in each placement step.

It is also easier to adjust the rebar label position after placement either with mouse drag and drop functionality or Move commands. This functionality allows to move leader arrow along the bar and to adjust the text position.

Improved ProConcrete Software Development Kit (SDK)

Users can now customize ProConcrete using C++, C#, VB.NET using the improved ProConcrete SDK.

The SDK includes practical samples that can be customized to your exact needs.