ProStructures Help

Compress Options Dialog

Used to purge empty and unused data resources as well as deleted elements from the open DGN file.

You can open this dialog from the following:
  • Ribbon: File > Tools > Compress Options

Compression does not purge unused data resources from DGNLib files. Use the DELETE UNUSED key-ins instead.

On/Off Contains check boxes used to select empty and unused data resources to delete.
Pop-up menu for the Select column Right-clicking the Select column presents two options:
  • All — Selects all actions.
  • None — If any actions are selected, clears them.
Delete Contains the names of empty and unused data resources to delete:
  • empty cell headers
  • empty text elements
  • text elements that contain only space characters
  • unused cell definitions
  • unused line styles
  • unused dimension styles
  • unused text styles
  • unused levels
  • unused nested attachment levels
  • unused multi-line styles
  • unused element templates — Deletes element templates that are not associated to any graphic element in the open DGN file. If the open DGN file is specified in the MS_DGNLIBLIST configuration variable then no element templates will be deleted.
  • unused item type libraries
Alias Specifies the values that can be defined in the MS_COMPRESS_OPTIONS configuration variable to specify the default compress options. Also specifies the values that can be used with the DELETE UNUSED key-in.
Include References If selected, creates a batch job that compresses the open DGN file and all references, using the currently selected settings.

References are compressed only if this check box is selected and you start the compression process from this dialog. If you select File > Tools > Compress File, references will not be compressed, even if this check box is selected.

The setting for this check box is not saved when you exit the product.

Compress Saves the changes to the dialog, purges the empty and unused data resources of the selected types from the open DGN file, and closes the dialog.
OK Accepts the changes to the dialog and closes the dialog.
Cancel Discards changes to the dialog and closes the dialog.