ProStructures Help

Single Sheet Output

The automatic single sheet output permits to create an individual drawing for each detail to obtain e.g. a handy compilation of all bracing plates on DIN A-4 sheets or a compilation of documents. Two variants are offered which have only one difference in procedure.

The first variant is the optimized scale. Here, the program decreases scale until the detail is completely displayed in the selected drawing border. Scale setting of detail style is ignored and a file with the available scales is used instead. This avoids use of scales which are not based on practical work or which are not customary in the corresponding workshop.

The second variant is the optimized size. Here, the component part is worked out as usual with the scale of the corresponding detail style. Then, the smallest drawing frame will be specified where this part can be completely displayed.

If the optimization cannot be carried out due to unfavorable defaults (e.g., a 1:10 scale overview on a DIN A-4 sheet), the best possible variant will be carried out nevertheless and the program hints to the fact that the detail doesn’t match completely.

Scale File

If you selected the Optimized Scale option, the scale selection of the program is based on the entries in the scale file.

You can thus create specific files for different customers and be sure that no other scales will be used at the output. In the DetailCenter Express! you can create specific defaults with different files for your customers.

The file is a text file having the extension .scl, which can also contain some comments marked with a semicolon at the beginning of the line. The default file is in the subordinate folder of your ProSteel installation.