ProStructures Help

To generate the bar bend schedule report

  1. Either:

    Create the parts database (To create a parts database).


    To create a report for any existing database:

    1. Click (Create Bar Bending Schedule Report ).
    2. On Partlist Print dialog, click [+] (Add File to List).
    3. Select the desired database file from the default folder (..Out\Partlist\Concrete.) path.

      The selected databse file(s) appear in the Active Database list.
  2. In the Active Database area, click to select the database.
  3. Click (Select List File) to Select a list file to use for a Bar Bending Schedule. The File Selection dialog opens.

  4. Select a desired (*.LST) file. Each list file is a template that determines how the information is presented in the report.
  5. In Partlist Print dialog click (Preview Partlist). The Print Options dialog opens.

  6. Click the Direct to... list and select an output option. You can create the report file in a number of different formats, including HTML, PDF, JPEG, XLS, and XML. Optionally, you can select Preview and simply view the report on-screen.
  7. Click Start . If prompted, select the directory and file name for the report file and click Save. The bar bending schedule is created.