PlantSight Smart 3D Bridge Extractor Help

Admin Console, Options Tab

The options tab is used to manage the main server settings.

Host [IP] The service host IP. The IP of the network with which you want to work. You can select any which works with any connected network.
Host [Port] The service port that listens to incoming WCF connections. Used for export service.
Note: If you do not know what ports to use, it is recommended that you use the defaults provided.
Timeout (min.) Smart 3D site disconnection timeout in minutes. Used to free allocated resources if no activity has taken place.
Jobs in Parallel If set to auto, the service uses the maximum parallel processes. It uses all the processor(s) core(s) (one process per core). It is recommended that you use auto for maximum performance.
Components per Job The default is 1000. The value should not be set to too large a number, as processing too many components in a single job could result in an "Out of memory" error; 1000 avoids such error. If the value is set too low, performance may decrease. You can adjust the number to one that is correct for the amount of memory available on your computer.
Verbosity Controls the amount of information extracted from SP3D. Values are:
  • Low (default) - The basic components, hierarchies, and sub-components (complex equipment built from several independent sub-parts) are extracted for each filter that is processed. The low value also includes the necessary relationships to build the component's logical hierarchy (Project > Areas > Units > Systems > Runs > ...)
  • Medium - The information from low is extracted along with any catalog's specs and materials data for each component.
  • High - The information from low and medium is extracted along with all connection information.
  • All - The information from high is extracted along with catalog information for the subparts of several component types (extracts Value Operator component as a subpart of the Value component) and nozzle placeholder information for equipment components.
Aspects Controls how S3D Aspects are extracted to the i-model. Aspects is turned off by default; therefore, a resulting i-model file contains default component graphics grouped by levels according to the component discipline.

Components placed on a level according to their discipline.

When Aspects is turned on, the resulting i-model file contains all the available component graphics based on the various aspects and assigned levels with the names corresponding to the original S3D aspects names.

Components' graphics are distributed between "aspect" levels

Note: The aspects that are invisible by default (Insulation, Operation, Maintenance, and Centerline in image) have their corresponding levels turned off in the i-model.
Flattened EC schema Uses a flattened (reduced) EC schema for i-models so they easily be used in Design Review sessions. A flattened schema contains only the basic classes. All i-model objects are reduced to these base classes.
Convert to OpenPlant EC schema Convert components to OpenPlant EC schema.
Repository Path Directory path where the Intermediate/cached export files are placed. By default, it is C:\ProgramData\Bentley\PlantSight Smart 3D Bridge Extractor.
Apply / OK If an administrator makes changes and applies them with Apply or OK the Admin Console displays a message if the S3D is running.
  • If you click Yes, the updated settings are applied and the server restarts.
  • If you click No, the updated settings are applied, but the server does not restart. You should manually restart the server using the standard Administrative Tools/Services console.
  • If you click Cancel, all changes are discarded.