PlantSight Smart 3D Bridge Extractor Help

What's new in 10.02.00

  • Previously, PlantSight Smart 3D Bridge Extractor was included as part of either i-model Composition Service for PDMx or i-model Composition Service for S3D. Now it is a separate product and is a dependency of these products.
  • Plant Exporter is no longer part of the install of PlantSight Smart 3D Bridge Extractor, it is now a dependency and will need to be downloaded separately. Plant Exporter is currently beta software, and can be used for free. The Plant Exporter allows you to convert one or more filters from Smart 3D directly without having to setup ProjectWise and Automation Services.
  • This release includes improvements for converting Smart 3D models to the Bentley iModelHub. Models can now be converted to use the OpenPlant schema for piping and equipment. These conversions require the OpenPlant iModel Brdige which is available only as a limited beta. Contact Bentley if you are interested in using this limited beta.