PlantSight Essentials Help

Issues Resolution

Used to resolve issues with the digital twin. Opens when you click (Show/Hide Issues) in the Visualizer 2D or 3D views.

New Issue Click + (plus sign) to create a new issue. You are prompted to select an element to continue.
Issues Resolution Service | Personal Dashboard Clicking on Issues opens the Issues Resolution Service | Personal Dashboard. Here, you can review issue forms, Quick Stats, and charts.
Search Click the magnifying glass icon to search the issues list for a specific issue. Clicking the search icon expands the text field to enter the searchable strings.
Filter Click the funnel icon to filter the issues list. Clicking the filters icon expands the filter controls.
Sort by Used to set the sort order by selecting one of the available options including ID, Status, Create Date, Status, etc.
Ascending/Descending Click the up arrow for ascending and down arrow for descending.
Filter by Filters the list based on the available options including Assigned to or Status. The second Filter field is populated based on the selection in the first Filter option.
Group by Groups the issues list filtered results based on the filters selected above.
Options Click on the kebob button (3 vertical dots) to set which issues are shown. The options are:
  • Show closed issues
  • Show view markers
  • Show all issues
You can check one, two or all three options.