PlantSight Essentials Help

Version Comparison

Used to compare versions of the model and views.

Layout and Settings

Version Comparison consists of two panels, one showing the version status of the model, and one listing Saved Views and 3D Models. Clicking on the saved views or models opens them in Version Comparison. These can be manipulated using the same tools as you would in the Visualizer 2D view and 3D views.

Settings Clicking the gear icon at the top of the screen opens an option menu used for communicating with the project team and to adjust Settings.
Share an Idea Opens the iTwin Services Ideas site where you can share and view ideas with any one who wishes to join the discussion.
Report a Problem Used to report an issue or problem. Opens a Service Request form for submittals.
Collect Diagnostics Used to copy diagnostic information to add to a Problem Report. Opens a dialog containing the diagnostics information. Select Save to File to save the information to a text file, or Copy Diagnostics to copy the contents to the clipboard.
Settings Opens a settings screen where you can change Display Preferences. Click the back arrow (top left) to return to Version Comparison.
Latest Version Confirmation Lists the model information and a determination of whether it is the latest version or not.
Saved Views Displays Saved Views for review in . Clicking a saved view opens it in Visualizer.
Show All Views When on, all views are listed in the panel below.
Search Views Used to search the list of Saved Views.
List Arranges the Saved Views in list form with a small preview.
Thumbnails Arranges the Saved Views in a thumbnail gallery.
3D Models Displays 3D models in a hierarchical tree view. Select a model and click Enter Model to open it in Visualizer.