PlantSight Help

2D View

Used to view P&ID's and object properties.

Views Opens PIDs associated with the Digital Twin. Click to select a PID from the pop up menu.
Viewport Opens the Viewport window which is used to view selected objects in a "3D" view.
Select Tool Used to select objects in the 3D view. When selected, objects are highlighted and their properties are displayed in the Properties list. The Select Tool's "mode" is controlled by the Selection Tool Settings.
Selection Tool Settings Used to set the Select Tool's operation mode. Clicking opens the Selection Tool toolbar.
Here, the Mode settings allow you to select individual elements or drag to select elements with a dynamic line or rectangle (first three tools). These work in conjunction with the other Mode tools that set the objective of the selection (replace, add or remove) from the existing selection set.
Select single Lets you select individual elements graphically. To select additional elements:
  • (When mode is set to Replace) Hold the <Ctrl> key, then click on the elements.
  • (When mode is set to Add) Click on the elements.
  • (when mode is set to Replace or Add) Click in the view window, then drag to select elements with a dynamic range.
Select all crossing line Selects elements by defining a line that intersects them.
Select by range When set to inside selection, all elements inside the range are selected. When set to overlap selection, all elements inside or overlapping the range are selected.
Tip: Use a left-right direction for inside selection and a right-left direction for overlap selection.
Note: The line style for the dynamic range rectangle changes from a solid line (inside) to a dashed line (overlap). A tap of the <Shift> key while dragging/defining points will invert the current inside/overlap direction.

These next Mode tools work together with the previous Mode tools to set the objective of the selection.

Replace current selection Clears the current selection set and starts a new selection set.
Add to selection Adds objects to the selection set.
Remove from selection Removes objects from the selection set.

Additional Select tools appear in the view when a selection is made. These act on the selection set:

Clear Selection Deselects all objects in the selection set.
Hide Selected Turns off the display of objects in the selection set.
Isolate Selected Turns off the display of objects not in the selection set.
Emphasize Selected Dims the of objects not in the selection set, leaving the selection set highlighted.
Measure Tools Used to measure distances and locations in the digital twin. Clicking opens a menu with two measure tools:
  • Measure Distance - Interactively measures distances between objects selected in the digital twin, drawing numbered "trails" with distances in the view. Hover over or click on to investigate or select objects to measure. When the pointer is near an object, identifying information is displayed in a flyover. The pointer can "snap" to "keypoints" on the modeled objects (intersections, endpoints, midpoints) for precise location. Distances are displayed attached to the pointer as you hover over objects. When you click on an object, a reference point is established. Clicking on another object again establishes the second point, and so on for multiple object selections. The overall distance is always displayed at the last selected object. Ending the tool (right click) clears the view of the measured distances.
  • Measure Location - Interactively displays model coordinates on numbered "callouts" in the view. When the pointer is near an object, identifying information is displayed in a flyover. The pointer can "snap" to "keypoints" on the modeled objects (intersections, endpoints, midpoints) for precise location. When you click on objects, numbered callouts are placed. Hovering over them displays the model coordinates at each location. Ending the tool (right click) clears the view of the model coordinates.
Show/Hide Issues Resolution Opens the Issues Resolution panel where issues with the model are resolved.
Version Compare Used to compare versions of the model and views. Opens Version Comparison.
Pan View Used to interactively pan the view via mouse movements. Left click and hold while you move the mouse to pan the view.
Zooming tools Used to zoom into the model or fit the model into the view extents. Clicking opens a menu with two zoom tools:
  • Fit View - Adjusts the view magnification so that the entire model is visible in the view.
  • Window Area - Defines boundaries of a rectangular area of the model to be displayed within the view.
Undo/Redo View
  • Undo View - Undoes the last viewing operation (view control operation or view attribute change).
  • Redo View - Redoes the last undone viewing operation.
Visibility Tree Used to show or hide elements within the 2D view. Clicking the visibility tree icon expands its controls:
Visibility tree mode Used to change the display of the visibility tree using one of these options:
  • Model Tree
  • Categories
  • Spatial Containment
Search Used to search the list of categories when the Categories mode is selected above.
Options Used to set the display of the categories in the list. Click the kebob button (three vertical dots) to expand these options:
  • Show all
  • Hide all
Show/Hide individual items Click the "eye" icon to toggle between show/hide modes for the selected model elements or categories.
Functional Properties/Properties Clicking or selecting an object expands the Functional Properties/Properties list, and is used to view object data.
Bird view Docked on the top right of the view extents of your current view, the bird view expands when you click on it. Using the pointer, click and drag the small inner window extents to move your view extents.
Several options are available here:
Toggle background rotate Located at the bottom left corner of the bird view. Clicking the counterclockwise arrow toggles the effect. When on, the view behind the bird view inner window extents moves the background drawing as you are moving the inner window. When off, the background is static and does not move.
Zoom In/Out Click the plus sign to zoom in and the minus sign to zoom out.
Collapse bird view Click the diagonal arrow (top right) to collapse the bird view settings.
Vizualizer toolbar Located at the bottom of the view, is the Visualizer toolbar containing view tools, prompts, messages and settings. Several of these tools work together with Selection, Section and View tools.