PlantSight Help

To Register a New Project

  1. To get started, do one of the following:

    Click , and then in the subsequent recent projects screen, click Register Project.


    Click the down arrow on the project name, and select Add New Project.

Note: Required settings are marked with an asterisk *. Those not marked with an asterisk, are optional.

  1. Enter a Project Number and a Project Name in the fields provided.
  2. Choose a method for locating the project:

    Activate Use Location, and enter an Engineering Location.


    Activate Use Latitude/Longitude. The settings change. Enter Latitude and Longitude specifications in the fields provided.

  3. Select a Time Zone, a Billing Country, and a Data Center Location for the project.
  4. Set the project status to Active or Inactive.
  5. Check Allow External Team Members if you want to invite external members to the project team.
  6. Review the new project settings.
  7. Click Register.