PlantSight Help

Goals of PlantSight

PlantSight is a set of cloud-enabled services from Bentley that delivers a complete plant overview in a consolidated and validated data model for a managed Digital Twin. The digital solution allows those involved in maintenance and operations to easily access all relevant engineering and operations information including P&IDs and 3D models. With PlantSight's services, you can visualize the Digital Twin from the web when needed.

Plant operators benefit from high trustworthiness and quality of information for continuous operational readiness and more reliability. Every real-world operating plant is characterized by cumulative evolution, both to its brownfield physical condition and to the varied types and formats of theoretically corresponding engineering data. Accordingly, as-operated digital twins must reliably synchronize reflections of both the physical reality and its virtual engineering representations comprehensively and accurately. With PlantSight, every process plant owner/operator can realize the benefits of as-operated digital twins, without disruption to their existing physical or virtual environment.

For process industries, characterized by ongoing capital projects, the effectiveness of digital twins depends upon the integrity and accessibility of as-operated information presented and continuously updated in trusted 2D schematics and 3D model formats. PlantSight provides all stakeholders with cloud/web-enabled visibility and access into existing data and tool interfaces, assuring that changes are timely and accurately captured and managed. With PlantSight digital twin cloud services, operational and project related engineering data, is aligned seamlessly. All disciplines and stakeholders have immediate access to consistent representations. Especially for brownfield installations, the time and effort to federate and complete asset information will be significantly reduced, with plant documentation kept up-to-date, and its quality accordingly improved.