PlantSight Help

PlantSight Project Home Page

The PlantSight project home page is where you launch PlantSight's services, view recent project events, review notifications, and access your account information and personal profile. If you are an administrator, the PlantSight project home page is where you administer projects, teams and roles.

Layout and Settings

The PlantSight home page layout from top-down consists of the tool bar, the menu, and the content panel. The tool bar (top) provides controls to access existing projects or register new projects. The menu (left) provides access to the ps services. The content panel display varies depending upon what service or content is loaded. On the home page, the content panel lists general project information.

Click to return to the PlantSight Portal Home page .
Projects menu Located beside the PlantSight icon (and similar in function to), the projects list drop down menu allows you to view All Projects or Add Projects.
Home Returns you to the PlantSight project home page.
Queries Opens Queries which is used to view model and equipment data using default queries or user defined queries that you can share with teams.
Visualize Opens Visualizer which is used to " see" all the data associated with the new Digital Twin so you can start planning out tasks for the next maintenance event.
Administration Opens the Administration menu where to administer PlantSight projects, and teams.
Project Details Opens Edit Projects which is used to set Project information.
Team Members Opens Project Team Management which is used to manage project users and their roles in projects.
Briefcase Management Opens Briefcase Management which is used to release briefcases.
User Management Opens User Management which is used to manage user access.
Entitlement Management Opens the Entitlement Management | Grants page where you can grant user (User Level Evaluations) or organization (Organization Level Grants) licences.
Project name/location Lists the name and location of your PlantSight project.
Team Members panel Lists the members of the project. The Link Manage Members opens Project Team Management which is used to manage project users and their roles in projects.
My Open Issues panel Lists actions associated with you as a member of the project team.
Notifications panel Lists communications where you are tagged. You have the option to filter the list to show All notifications or Unread notifications.