PlantSight Essentials Help

3D View - Data Visualizer

Used to create views that highlight certain classes of objects in the digital twin in different colors. Clicking expands the Data Visualization settings.

Tip: You can select the default color for selected objects, in User settings.
Search Used to search the list of Data Visualizations.
Create Click the plus sign button to Create a new visualization. Opens the Edit Data Visualization screen where you can fill out the necessary options.
Name Used to enter a name for the visualization.
Property Used to select a model object (first drop-down) and one of its properties (second drop-down) for which to base the visualization on.
Generate Click to generate the data visualization.
Table columns Display, Label, Condition and Color are the table headings. Label and Condition are read only. Check/uncheck in the Display column to hide or show the line items. In the Color column, click on the color swatches to change the color of the line items.
Save Saves the visualization, closes Edit Data Visualization, and returns you to the 3D View. The new data visualization appears on the list of saved data visualizations.
Cancel Discards changes and closes Edit Data Visualization.
Data Visualizations Saved data visualizations, when selected it opens another group of settings for the selected data visualization.
Toolbar from left to right:
Collapse All Collapses/expands the hierarchical list below.
Isolate Selected Clears the display off all objects except the selected object.
Show All Displays all selected items.
Hide All Hides all selected items.
Invert Display Changes the display of the selected object to transparent grey.
Search Used to search for an item in the list below.
Options An overflow menu (...) contains Edit and Delete options for each Data Visualization. Selecting Edit opens the data visualization definition in Edit Data Visualization. Delete removes the selected data visualization.