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The Synchronization service compares the content of the different data repositories and saves the data.

There are two different data repositories:

  • PCR (PlantSight Centralized Repository) - Stores functional and schematic data.
  • iModelHub - Stores physical data and a subset of the available functional data.

The different instances represent an aspect of the real plant components in each case. The Synchronization service associates PCR and iModelHub components.

Data is synchronized automatically between the data repositories. Users usually don't notice where data shown in PlantSight is stored.

The only case when users might be affected by the synchronization is when trying to access information in an iModel that is not yet available there. Therefore in the following chapter it is described when synchronization is taking place.

Function of Synchronization

  • data import of acquired functional data by Bentley software in iModelHub
  • transformation of data from source data model to target data model including the transformation of the hierarchy
  • starting the registration of the functional instances service created by the import and objects in the EIFS service
  • synchronization of the existing data by Data Aggregation with iModelHub
  • sending graphical data (e.g. DWG or Proteus) during synchronization from PCR to iModelHub