PlantSight Help

What You Need to Know

What does the user or administrator need to know about services?

  • iModel Bridges
  • PCR-iModelHub Sync Service
  • ICS Services

    The service creates and manages tags according to the tagging system assigned to the PlantSight project.

  • EIFS Service (Element Identity Federation Service)

    The service allows to maintain a common global ID called federation ID across different systems, like COMOS and the applications from Bentley Product-Family. It can be used to uniquely identify the same domain object across those systems, although the actual object instances are individual to each system.

  • PCR Gateway Service
    The PCR Gateway Service is the main service accessing the PCR. It does the following:
    • checks for a PlantSight License
    • checks user rights and roles and automatically creates users in PCR according to the users in PlantSight