PlantSight Help

Creating Saved Views

In addition to the standard Views available, you can create and share views with the Saved Views tool located on the toolbar at the bottom of the 3D View.
  1. Click the Saved Views icon in the toolbar.

    This opens the Saved Views pop up settings tab.

  2. Click Show All Views.

    The saved view list is updated listing all saved views in the project, including the standard Views.

  3. Click on any saved view in the list.

    The saved view is applied in the 3D View.

  4. Manipulate the model in the view, change some settings, etc. to prepare a new saved view.
  5. Click Create.

    The Create Saved View dialog opens.

  6. Enter a name for the new saved view, and click OK.

    The new Saved View is added to the list.

  7. Click on the new saved view in the list of saved views.

    Your new saved view is applied.

  8. You may not be satisfied with the new saved view. Make a change in the current view. For instance, rotate it slightly. Click the ··· button that appears on the saved view you just created.

    A menu appears with options for the saved view.

  9. Select Update.

    The saved view definition is replaced with the current view settings.

  10. Click the ··· again, and select Share.

    The saved view is now shared with all team members in the project.