PlantSight Help

View Import Details and Logs

Once you complete an import, you can see information about the import and a listing of all the imported objects.
  1. In Data Acquisition, select the Completed Imports tab.

    The list is filtered and only completed imports are listed.

  2. Select the import you want to review.

    The Import Details of the selected import are displayed. This includes:

    • Creation Date
    • Created By
    • Changed Date
    • Changed By
    • Import Date
    • Imported By
  3. Select the Logs tab.

    For Excel Imports a list of import events coming from PCR is displayed, including the names of the objects created by the import.

    For 3D Model imports two expandable lists of import events are displayed.
    First list Shows the Logs coming from PCR .
    Second list Shows the Logs coming from iModel Bridge.