PlantSight Help

Import Information

Displays information about an import. Provides re-import, download, archive, and aggregation options.

Note: Settings vary slightly for each import type. The following detail these settings.
Type Displays the import type;
  • Excel
  • AutoCAD 2D
  • Proteus
  • OpenPlant
  • 3D
Status Displays the status of the selected import type.
ReImport Available only for Excel and Proteus imports. Opens the Import Details page which has the same settings as the New Import page. Here, you can Browse for a new file to import or download () the originally imported file to make revisions. Only aggregated imports can be re-imported. If the import is not aggregated, the ReImport button is inactive.
Source The originally imported file name appears below the Browse button. Click to download a copy of this file.
History Displays information such as creation and import dates, dates of changes, and names of the team members who took those actions.
Archive Used to archive selected imports.
Aggregate Opens Data Acquisition Settings with the current import selected.
Cancel Cancels any changes made to the import, and returns you to Data Acquisition.
Note: Save and Start Import are disabled. They only become enabled here if you use ReImport.