PlantSight Help


The panel below Alarms contains several reports (i.e. Work Management) associated with the digital twin.

Selecting a Report to Add

Click the gear icon on the top right corner of the reports panel and select Select Report to open the Select PowerBI Report dialog. Here, you can check which report you want to load.

Report Controls

Each report contains similar controls used to search, filter, expand, etc, the data being reported. Hovering the mouse over any report element/graphic opens a small toolbar and menu that affects that element/graphic.

Filters Clicking the Filters icon () displays the available filters for the element/graphic being filtered. The Filters panel (right) is populated with the filter options.
Focus mode Clicking fits the selected element/graphic into the Reports panel for more detailed viewing. To exit the Focus mode, and return to the report, click the Back to report button.
Export data Selecting ... More options > Export data opens the Export data dialog where you can export the selected report element data to Excel (.xlsx) or .csv file formats.
Note: There is a limit to the number of data rows you can export to .xlsx file format. Click on "Learn More" for more information.
Note: Click "Learn about aggregates" for more information about aggregated data types.
Show as a table Clicking displays the element/graphic data in a table format. To exit the table, and return to the report, click the Back to report button.
Spotlight Clicking emphasizes the selected report element/graphic and dims all the other report elements/graphics in the reports panel. Clicking anywhere cancels the Spotlight view.
Sort descending/ascending Click to sort data in the active columns of tables within the report.
Sort by Sort selected report elements/graphics by a variety of attributes. The attributes depend upon the data associated with the selected report element/graphic.


Provides a dashboard to access Siemens HXQ. XHQ is software for operations intelligence, used for aggregating, integrating, analyzing, and visualizing asset and business information from multiple back-end data sources. XHQ brings you simple access to complex data for informed decision-making, anytime and anywhere.

You can find XHQ documentation here: