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Planar Slice

Used to generate a planar section through design geometry, using as a cutting plane an existing planar element, a plane defined by three points, or a plane perpendicular to a view and defined by two points.

You can access this tool from the following:

  • Ribbon: Modeling > Surfaces > Surface Utilities
  • Toolbox: Surface Utilities

Slice By Element icon

Lets you select a planar element that is used as a cutting plane to create a section.
Slice By Three Points icon

Lets you define a cutting plane with three points.
Slice By View icon

Lets you draw a line in a view, which defines the location of a cutting plane perpendicular to the view.

For example, you could define the cutting plane along the X or Y axis in a top view, which would create section elements that could be viewed in Front or Right views.

Infinite Plane If on, then the selected or defined section plane is extended throughout the model.
Assemble Segments If on, adjacent (touching) individual lines of a generated section are assembled together as a line string.
Use Active Attributes If on, the section is created with the element using the active attributes.

If off, the section is created with the element taking the attributes of the profile element.

Output File If on, click the Browse Another Destination File icon to open the Open Section Output File dialog, which lets you specify a file into which the sections will be placed or create a new file.
Tolerance Sets the tolerance for the generated slice element.