OpenUtilities Substation Help

Extract Boundary

Used to extract a boundary, boundaries, a portion of a boundary, or boundary points from a mesh element. You can use the extracted boundary with the Mesh from Two Curves tool to build a mesh from the extracted boundary. The extracted boundary is useful for finding unexpected gaps in an edge boundary.

You can access this tool from the following:

  • Ribbon: Modeling > Mesh > Mesh Utilities
  • Toolbox: Mesh Utilities

It is suggested that you set the active line weight to a higher value than the mesh element to see the extracted boundary, boundary points, or boundary segment.

Output As Sets the output method for the boundary.
  • LineStrings — The boundary is a line string extracted at the vertices of the facets.
  • Points — The boundary exists as points extracted at the vertices of the facets.
Extract Sets the method by which the boundary is extracted.
  • Boundaries — Extracts all the boundaries of an open mesh element. If the mesh element is a closed volume then no boundaries exist to extract.
  • Boundary Segments — Extracts only the segments of a single boundary if more than one exists in the mesh element.