OpenUtilities Substation Help

Configuration Variables Dialog

Displays the Configuration Variables dialog listing the variables for the active WorkSpace/WorkSet.

Accessed when:

The dialog lists two tabs (WorkSpace and WorkSet) listing the configuration variables defined for each.

Variable List the name of the configuration variable.
Description Brief description of the variable.
Value List the current value of the variable. The value can be modified in this dialog.
  • Values which consist of a directory path can be either entered in directly, or you can click the Browse icon to open a dialog to navigate to and select a directory path.
  • Values with a drop down list display a drop down arrow when you click in the field. Use this to select a value from the list.
Lock (WorkSpace Tab Only) Determines whether or not the WorkSet values can differ from the WorkSpace values.
  • True - The WorkSpace are locked and the WorkSet settings cannot be changed.
  • False - The WorkSet settings can be changed to differ from the WorkSpace.

Notable Configuration Variables

The following variables determine the Parts Database and Catalogs which are used for the WorkSpace:
ELECT_ACTIVEPARTSDTABASE This variable defined which parts database is used. The Configure Parts Database option from the value fields displays a dialog which lets you either edit the existing database or define a new database for the WorkSet.
ELECT_CATALOG_PATH For this variable, define the root folder where the catalogs are stored and all of the catalogs in that directory will be loaded. Click the Browse (...) icon in the field to display the Modify Catalog Paths dialog where you can add/edit catalog paths to search when placing symbols.