OpenUtilities Substation Help

Modify Catalog Paths Dialog

Let the administrator/user define the path(s) to the location where the catalogs are stored as well as the order in which the catalogs are loaded searched when a symbol gets placed.

Accessed from:
Edit Mode Following options are available for editing the variables:
  • Overwrite - Overrides the previous definition.
  • Append - Adds the new definition after the previous definition.
  • Prepend - Adds the new definition before the previous definition.
When you select either the Append or Prepend option it will clear the Value field. To include catalogs from another location enter the path in the Value field. The new path will be added to the top of the list if Prepend was selected, or the bottom if Append was selected (shown below).
Delete This option deletes the ELEC_CATALOG_PATH from the Workset.cfg file.
Value This contains the path to the location(s) where the catalogs are stored. More than one location can be defined by using a delimiter (;) between the different location paths.
Catalog Paths This section lists the paths to the catalogs. The direction arrows can be used to move catalogs up or down in the list. This will determine the search order for the catalogs when placing a symbol.

The icon opens the Create Catalog dialog letting you create a new catalog within the defined catalog directory.

If logged into a ProjectWise managed workspace the default path will point to the default location of the catalogs in the ProjectWise datasource.