OpenUtilities Substation Help

Field Settings

The Field Settings page allows you to define the default settings which populate the Insert Field dialog. Default values are provided with the install but this page lets you modify those defaults if desired.

Complete Field ID Format When inserting a field, the Installation and/or Location name is displayed in the field. The Expressions section determines how they are displayed.
  • Add to Expression: An expression is created by selecting either the Installation or Location items and click this button. The order which names are selected and placed determines the order in which they are displayed in the field.
  • Reset: Resets the expression to its original value.
  • Clear: Clears the current expression.
  • Identifiers: The identifiers section lets you define an identifier symbol as a prefix to either the Installation or Location if either is different from the current page. It can also be displayed all of the time if desired.
Field Parameters

The fields in the bottom of the dialog allow you to define the characteristics of the text that will label the field on the drawing.

The Text-Offset values indicate the distance from the field insertion point (first corner) to the insertion point (write position) of the text. These values can be altered if desired.

The Line Color and Line Type fields allow the characteristics of the field border line to be set.

Drop-down buttons are available on the right side of each field for displaying and selecting most of these text and line parameters.

Note: These settings serve as default values when placing a new field in a drawing. These default values can be overridden in the Insert Field dialog during the placement process.