OpenUtilities Substation Help

Work Order Import Dialog

This dialog lets you import previously defined work orders to the active project. This option is designed so work orders created in SAP or other external databases can be exported into the current project.

Note: Before work orders can be imported, they must be first migrated to the SubstationDataExchange table in the Substation SQL database.
Accessed from:
  • Work Order Manager > Import
Look in fields In this drop down list you can search using the work order attributes displayed below. Select an option from the list, or use the All Fields option:
Search Filter Enter a phrase or partial phrase in the filter field and click the search icon to narrow the search results or leave the field blank to display all of the results.
Select Work Orders The top grid displays the work orders found using the search option. To import a work order you can either double-click on the work order or right-click and select Import. Multiple orders can be selected by pressing the <Crtl> button while selecting them.

The selected work orders will be added to the bottom grid. When you select OK, these work orders will be imported and displayed in the Work Order Manager.

Work Order Databases

Substation includes a sample script file which creates a sample database (SubstationDataExchange) with existing work orders. To add the database, you will need to open and execute the script in the SQL Management Studio. Click the link below for the procedure for this.

Execute SubstationDataExchange script

The sample database and script file is provided as a template which can be either modified to meet your company needs, or used as an example for creating a unique script file to map fields from your own SAP work order database.