OpenUtilities Substation Help

Symbol Text Dialog

The Symbol Text dialog enables you to enter symbol text after you enter the device ID. These are various text attributes that were defined when the symbol was created.

Opens when:
  • You place a symbol with text attributes defined for it, prompting you to define the values.
  • Selecting an existing symbol in the drawing and select the Symbol Text option from the Modify ribbon or popup menu.

There are two different type of text values that can be defined. In the dialog below, the first two entries are non-attributed text that were created using a standard text tool.

The Current (A) text entry was an attribute created for the symbol by the symbol creation wizard. Additional attributes can be added and text displayed for each.

Add Attribute Displays the Attribute List dialog where you can select which attributes to add to the Symbol Text dialog which can be displayed with a text value on the drawing.
Value Enter the text values for the attribute.
Visible Select the Visible check-box to display the value in the drawing, or de-select it to hide the text.
Show Plain Text This option displays any non-attributed text that have been added for a symbol using the standard text tool rather than a symbol attribute such as voltage or current ratings which are added to a symbol by the symbol creation wizard. (The first two options above are examples of non-attributes text).