OpenUtilities Substation Help

Properties Control

This dialog serves two main purposes:
  • Ensures the attribute values are applied to all new symbols inserted in a drawing.
  • Lets you assign attribute values to a selection set of components that already exist in a drawing.
Accessed from:
  • 2D Design Ribbon > Pages Group
  • Panel Design Ribbon > Pages Group
  • 3D Design Ribbon > Pages Group

When the Properties Control is open any new symbols that you insert will automatically inherit the attributes listed in the Properties Control and their currently specified values. If you close the Properties Control then no attribute values found in the Properties Control will be assigned when inserting symbols.

In cases where the symbol you are inserting was not created with one or more of these attributes, the software will automatically add the attributes as hidden attributes. You can optionally choose to display the attributes by adjusting the Visible setting in the Symbol Text dialog.

Assign You must first select objects on the drawing and then specify each attribute value as desired in the Properties Control. Click the Assign button to assign these attribute values to the selected objects.
Symbol Text Attribute Value The Value field lets you assign values by either selecting a predefined value from a drop down list or entering a value into the field, depending on the attribute.

Because there can be an overwhelming amount of work orders for a project, the Browse icon displays a search dialog where you can define search criteria to help fine the correct work order to select.

Configure Attributes

You can add or remove attributes (and attribute values) that appear in the Properties Control using the System Options > Life Cycle Manager Settings > Custom Attributes interface.