OpenUtilities Substation Help

Part Number Assignment Dialog

This dialog lets you make settings that determine how information is displayed in the drawing.

Accessed when:

Part Number To enter a part number, click on the Select button next to the field. What happens next depends on which of the options above was used to open the Part Number Assignment dialog.
  • If the Select Panduit Parts option was selected, then the following dialog opens.

    Select the type of component you wish to assign to the path (Ties, Duct, etc.) and then select OK to display the Panduit Part Number Selection Dialog where you can assign a part number.

  • If the Select Other Parts option was selected, then the Select Part Number (Outside Panduit Database) dialog displays letting you assign a part number which is not part of the Panduit database.

Determines where the part number will be drawn on the wire path.

  • Start: This will place a single copy of the selected part number at the beginning of the wire path.
  • End: This will place a single copy of the selected part number at the end of the wire path.
  • Both: This will place two copies of the part, one at each end of the wire path.
  • Continuous: This is used for components that do not require spacing. This would be true for wire duct or wraps which are one continuous piece.
  • Spaced: This will place a part at the start of the wire path and at the end and at the spacing specified by the user.
  • Spaced From Start: This will use the user-defined spacing from the start of the wire path.
  • Spaced From Center: This will center the spacing.
  • Space From End: This will space the devices from the end of the wire path.
Start/End Position The wire path is the center line for the wire bundle. Frequently, the end point of the wire path will land within or beyond the actual wire ducts that may intersect. The start and end position values allow the user to specify that the hardware should start or end at an offset from the wire path. The user can enter numbers to offset either end, or the user can use the Select Point button and pick a point with the mouse. Selecting the Use First Point as Start or the Use Last Point as End check boxes will align the hardware with the endpoints of the wire path.

Balloon Associates a balloon number to the part if required. Select the Next Balloon button to insert the next unused balloon number.
Spacing Enter a distance value to define a spacing interval for spaced type components.
Quantity Assigns a quantity if more than one of the selected part number is being assigned to the wire path.
Redraw Used with the auto-size/auto-space function. Not checking this option will result in the graphics not being updated when components are automatically re-sized or re-spaced based on wire fill.
AutoSelect Allows parts to be automatically changed or the quantity to be changed in the auto-size/auto-space function.