OpenUtilities Substation Help

Move Options Dialog

The Move Options dialog lets you define behavior settings for moving a 3D element.
Note: This dialog only applies in 3D Design.

Accessed from:

Modify Component Ribbon > Manipulate Group

Hooked objects When enabled, associated objects which are connected by hook points are moved with the selected item.
Incl. variable objects Enables when the Hooked objects option is checked. Variable objects, if any exist will be stretched with the move.
Method Select from the following options:
  • Lock height: Maintains elevation (height) axis during a move.
  • Hook: Moves objects using Hook Points instead of using X,Y,Z coordinates.
  • Cable: Moves object along the associated variable object.
  • Free: User is free to move objects with any restrictions.

Once the settings are defined, move the object(s) to the new location.