OpenUtilities Substation Help

Edit Parts Database

Lets the user edit an existing parts database for the project by possibly connecting to a different parts database table.

Click the Edit button to open the dialog:

Parts Database Name Displays the existing parts database to be edited.
Use File Select this option to connect by selecting a MS-Access database file. Use the Browse button to select the desired file. (For SQL Server the user must select Use Connection String.)
Use Connection String Select this option to build a connection to a database. Select the Build button to begin the process. The Build dialog displays. Use the dialog to build either a MS Access or SQL Server database.
Table Select this option and select a table to access from the drop down list.
SQL Query Select this option to define a query that can be used to access fields that belong to different tables. The user can UNION or join data from different tables for the purpose of selecting and assigning part records.
Note: There is a limitation with this method that you may not be able to add or edit records using the parts database manager when using this strategy.