OpenUtilities Substation Help

Edit Page Revision Dialog

Lets you edit the descriptions for your page revisions.

Access when you right on the active project in the Project Manager and select Revision Control > Edit Page Revision from the popup menu.

It displays the following dialog letting you edit page revisions for the active page.

Important: To do this, first you must have the Revise Previous Revisions field in the project Revision Control screen set to Always. This allows you to make changes.
Revision List In the grid is the list of revisions defined for the page. Only the column fields which have not been grayed out can be modified.
Short/Long Descriptions These column fields have a document icon which, when you click it provides a drop down editor to modify the revision description. Click OK withing this editor to save the description changes or Cancel to exit without saving.
OK Click to save changes made in the dialog.
Cancel Click to close the dialog without saving changes.