OpenUtilities Substation Help

AutoBackup Settings

The AutoBackup Settings dialog lets you define a target location to backup your projects as well as define source projects to backup automatically upon startup.

Accessed from:
  • Manage Ribbon
Target Path Click the Browse button to navigate to the location where the backup will be stored or enter the path directly into the field.
Project Selection The following options determine the information to be backed the next time a project drawing is opened using the backup executable.
  • Modified Today: Will only backup the changes made from today's session.
  • Modified Since Last Backup: Will back all of the changes made since the last backup was performed.
  • Backup only ProjectWise Projects: Will only backup changes made to ProjectWise Projects. Note you must be logged into a ProjectWise project when launching the backup executable for this to backup the project to the ProjectWise datasource.
Source Path The folllowing options let you determine the source projects to be backed up:
  • Add: Displays a Browse for Folder dialog where you can select the path to the directory where the project(s) to be backed are stored. If you are logged into a ProjectWise datasource then you are able to browse the datasource for a directory to backup the project(s) to. You are able to create a backup directory if one has not been previously created.

    Multiple directory paths can be defined and multiple projects can be backed up from each directory if desired. All of the backups are stored in the single Target directory.

  • Remove: Removes the selected source path from the list.
OK Click OK to save the backup settings. These settings will be used whenever you launch the application using the backup executable.