OpenUtilities Substation Help

Add Page Revision

Lets you define a revision number and a description of the revision made.

Accessed when you select the Increment Page Revision option from the Revision Control dialog when closing a drawing.

This dialog shows the page name and the project and project revision to which the page belongs.

New Page Revision Number Enter a number for the new revision.
Short Description (Optional): Enter a brief description of the changes that were made in this revision.
Long Description (Optional): Enter a more detailed description of the changes that were made in this revision.
Type of Change Select from the following options:
  • This page.
  • Other pages.
  • CAD
Related Pages
  • Written to other pages: Yes/No
  • Other page changes: If change applied to other page(s), information on that page(s) is listed here.

View Page Revision Information

You can use the Page Revisions report to view your page revisions. Select the Run Reports option then open the Revision Report (Page) category and select the Page Revision List report. The report shows each page revision in the current project along with their descriptions.

Revisions can be edited using the Edit Page Revisions dialog.