OpenUtilities Substation Help

Export Coordinates

Used to export coordinates of elements to an ASCII text file. When ACS Lock is enabled, the coordinates used by this tool are based on the Active ACS.

You can access this tool from the following:
  • Ribbon: Drawing > Annotate > Terrain Model > Coordinates split button
  • Toolbox: XYZ Text
Filename Lists the name of an ASCII text file to which the coordinates will be exported.
Browse Opens the Create Export File dialog which allows you to select or create a file to which you can export the selected coordinates.
Order Defines the order in which the coordinates are exported — XYZ or YXZ.
Format Defines the coordinate format. Options are: Master, Sub, Working, and UORs.
Accuracy Specifies the unit of accuracy for exporting the coordinates.
Separator Defines the coordinate delimiter. Options are: Comma and Space.
View Allows you to choose a view's orientation to display the point number if the Point # check box is turned on.
Prefix and Suffix Allow you to add prefixes and suffixes to the coordinate string.
Point # If on, consecutive point numbers are placed at the selected elements' coordinates. The point numbers also appear at the front of each coordinate string in the export file. The point number designated in the text field increases automatically and consecutively after you export the coordinates.
Single, Fence, All Allow you to export single elements, selection sets, all elements in a fence, and all graphic elements in a design file, respectively.