OpenUtilities Substation Help

Automatic Wire Number Assignment

Used to automatically assign numbers to wires and other logical lines.

Accessed from:

  • 2D Design Ribbon > Wiring Properties Group
Important: Before the system can assign wire numbers across columns and pages, wire link symbols must be placed in the drawing to tie together the hot and common lines on each column and page. If this step is performed, automatic wire numbering can extend across the pages of a project.
Labeling Selection

In the Labeling Selection field, select whether you wish the new wire numbers to apply to one of the following:

  • Project: Number wires in the entire project.
  • Select Pages: Number wires on selected pages (the Select Pages dialog will open after you select OK.
  • Select Objects: Number one or more selected wires on the current page.
Filters In the Filters area, use the Mode field to select the drawing mode in which the wires (or pneumatic lines, etc.) will be numbered. The Use field is used in conjunction with the wire layers defined in the wire options mode. You can select <All> to number wires on all layers, or select a single layer on which wire numbering will be performed.
Label Options In the Label Options area, the Omit Labels On Cables check box causes the software to skip any wire branches that are designated as a conductor of a cable so that they do not get a label. The wires connected to the cable will still receive labels. Select the Terminal = Wire Number check box if you wish to renumber any terminal on a wire with the assigned wire number.
Overwrite Options In the Overwrite Options area, you can choose whether or not the new wire numbers will overwrite any existing wire numbers. You can choose to overwrite manually assigned wire numbers ( Overwrite Manual Labels), automatically assigned wire numbers (Overwrite Automatic Labels), or both.
Label Name
In the Label Name area select elements that will comprise the wire label.
  • Installation - Select an existing installation from the drop down to include in the label name if desired.
  • Location - Select a location from the drop down to include in the label name if desired.
  • First Number - Set the value at which the sequential numbering will begin. If no value is entered, numbering will start with 1.
  • Interval - The interval field lets you set the interval at which the sequential numbers will be assigned. Working in conjunction with the Start Number you have the flexibility to specify even and odd number wire numbering schemes when automatically assigning wire numbers to selected pages.
  • Text Style - This field lets you set the font name, size and other attributes of the wire labels (use the Edit button to make changes).
  • Calculate Branch Label - Enable this check box if you wish the software to calculate unique numbers for each wire branch.
    • First Number/Character - Lets you can specify the first number (or letter) when calculating a Branch Label.
    Note: To include branch numbers in the displayed wire number you must also include the Branch # variable in your wire number format settings.
  • Position - Select where the wire number will appear on the wire segment. (Left or Top, Middle or Right, Bottom)

The Edit Group Wire Number button allows you to modify the prefix and/or suffix on a selected group of wires. These are similar to the settings you can make in the project options wire options which apply globally. When you select the button, the Edit Prefix/Suffix dialog appears.

Make the desired prefix or suffix settings. You must make settings for all of the wire types. Select the Same as Option check box if you wish to use the wire labeling defined in the project options for that wire type. When you click in the Numbering Profile field, a browse button will appear, allowing you to select one of the existing wire numbering profiles. Enter any desired prefixes or suffixes in the Prefix or Suffix fields. Select OK to return to the Automatic Wire Number dialog.

Properties In the Properties area you can assign various wire parameters. In order to assign these properties you must first select the Overwrite Existing Wire Properties check box; then the various properties fields will become active. (If you do not select the check-box, the properties that are already assigned to the wires will be used.) The Gauge field allows a wire gauge (size) value to be assigned which will be associated with the wires. The Color field allows a wire color to be assigned which will be associated with the wires. The Type field allows you to select from a list of wire types (bare copper, tinned copper, etc.) or enter your own description. The Voltage and Current fields allow you to enter electrical values for the wire. The Part Number field allows you to assign a part number to be associated with the wires.
Note: If a wire property (gauge, color, etc.) for a specific wire has no value, it is not considered an existing property. Therefore, if you enter a new property value it will be assigned to wires that currently have no value even if the Overwrite Existing Wire Properties check box is not selected (provided that those wires are selected for wire number assignment). For example, suppose wire number 100 starts with these properties: Gauge: 14, Color: RED, Voltage: (blank). You then enter these properties: Gauge: 12, Color: BLK, Voltage: 120 and run wire numbering without selecting the Overwrite Existing Wire Properties check-box. As a result, wire 100 will have these properties: Gauge: 14, Color: RED, Voltage: 120 (only the voltage property was assigned).

If you select the Use Cable's Gauge/Color If Cable Exists check box, any gauge or color values that are assigned to a cable through its device family will be retained.

By selecting the More Properties button the software will display a dialog containing ten additional property fields that the user can assign. If a wire already has a property value assigned it should never be overwritten by the auto label function.

Enter any additional properties you wish to associate with the wire and select OK.

Select OK in the Auto Label dialog to execute the automatic wire number assignment.