OpenUtilities Substation Help

Viewing Preferences

The Viewing Preferences page allows you to make settings that determine how information is shown on the drawing screen.

Symbol Tooltips Select the Show symbol tooltips check box if you wish to see symbol information pop up at the cursor when you point at a symbol in a drawing. Information includes the device ID, family name, catalog name and symbol name.
Display Settings Choose to show or hide various markings and other information. Select the check box for items that you wish to be displayed. Use the All On or All Off buttons to select or clear all the check boxes.
Fit View on page open This option causes the software to perform a Zoom > Fit View whenever opening a drawing file rather than just opening it to the last saved view. This will make the page open operation faster.
Switch ribbon tab based on drawing mode When this is enabled, the application will activate the ribbon associated with the current drawing mode. For instance, if the user is working in the Panel Layout Mode, then the Panel Design ribbon should be active.
Navigation Adjust the automatic zoom that occurs when you use the navigator function to go to a drawing element. Enter the percentage of zoom (0-100) in the Zoom field or drag the slider bar. The percentage of zoom will appear in the text box as you move the slide bar. The higher the zoom percentage, the closer the view will be to the searched element. Select the Zoom Off check box to turn off the automatic zoom.
Reset Dialog Boxes to Default Settings Click to change the settings in this dialog back to the default values.