OpenUtilities Substation Help

View Attributes Dialog, Point Cloud Styles Section

Contains controls to set the style of the point cloud.

Style Drop-down menu allows to choose the point cloud display style.
  • None — No display attribute is applied to the point cloud; points of the cloud display as white points.
  • RGB Color — Point clouds display according to their RGB attributes. Not all point clouds contain RGB attributes but if they are present, each point of the cloud has a RGB color.
  • Intensity — Represents the strength of the signal returned by the laser scanner.
  • Elevation — Used to color the point cloud relative to its height (or width or depth, depending on the chosen axis).
  • Classification — Some point clouds contain classification attributes. At present, only the attributes coming from LAS files can be imported.
  • Elevation & Intensity — Displays using the elevation and intensity attributes.
  • Classification & Intensity — Displays using the classification and intensity attributes.
Opens the Properties dialog displaying the properties of the selected point cloud style.