OpenUtilities Substation Help

Symbol Settings

The Symbol Settings dialog enables you to make various settings that govern how the symbol appears on the drawing. In general, these settings remain in effect until a different setting is made.

Accessed when:

  • Angle - Select rotation angle from the drop down or enter a value directly into the field. Rotate values allow rotation of the symbol in degrees.
  • Auto Rotate - When selected, the symbol will automatically orient itself so that the connection points fall on the wire on which the symbol is placed.
Scale The Scale values allow the symbol to be reduced (0.500) or enlarged (2.000).

When the Use same vertical scale factor as horizontal option is not enabled, the Vertical field enables allowing you to enter a value independent of the Horizontal value.

Mirror Use the Mirror drop-down list to flip the symbol on the X or Y axis. Select No Mirror for no mirroring (normal orientation).