OpenUtilities Substation Help

SketchUp (SKP) Export Dialog

Used to define settings for exporting of DGN models to SketchUp format. Geometry is exported as SketchUp mesh elements.

You can access this dialog from the following:
  • Ribbon: File > Export > 3D Modeling File Types > SketchUp (*.skp)

Stroke Tolerance (Meters): Sets the tolerance for the mesh elements of the exported geometry.
Undisplayed Levels If on, geometry on undisplayed levels is included in the export.
Custom Line Styles If on, Custom Line Styles are converted, and appear similar to how they appear in OpenUtilities Substation .

If off, custom line styles are converted as simple lines (line style zero).

Wireframe Geometry in Rendered Views If on, wireframe geometry is converted.

If off, wireframe geometry is ignored.

Render Mode Sets the view mode for the exported file.
  • From View — The rendering mode is taken from the active view settings.
  • Wireframe
  • Smooth
Export Opens the Create SketchUp File dialog, which is used to select a folder and a file name for the exported file.