OpenUtilities Substation Help

Servers Manager Dialog

Used to select and manage WMS servers.

Opens when you click the Servers (selection) button in the WMS Map Editor dialog.

When the Map Editor opens a dialog for the first time, it retrieves the value of the configuration variable MS_WMS_SERVERS to get the name of the file that contains the list of servers. If the file does not exist when the Map Editor is invoked, the Map Editor creates it by copying the file specified by MS_WMS_SERVERS_SEED.

Add WMS Server URL

Opens the Create Server Definition dialog allowing the user to add a new WMS server to the list.
Delete Server Entry

Use to delete the selected server entry.
Import Server URLs

Use to import server URLs from another file.

The logic for importing servers from file can import from an XML file or from a txt file.

When importing from an XML file, it tries to parse the file assuming that it is in the same format as the file named by MS_WMS_SERVERS. See that file for an example of the format.

When importing from a txt file, it treats every line in the file as a URL. After reading a line, it translates every XML escape sequence to the corresponding character. For example, if the URL contains %apos; it replaces that sequence with an apostrophe. This is important in case the file was generated from an XML file. Next it removes any URL escape sequences such as %2f. Finally, it prepends http: if the URL does not begin with http:, https:, or file:. These transformations simplify the process of transforming a list of URL’s from some other source into a txt file that the importer can process.

Export Server URLs

Use to export server URLs to another file.
Toggle Favorite Status

Use to mark a server as Favorite. Servers marked as Favorite appear at the top of the list.
URL/Connection Displays the list of WMS server URLs as well as their connection status. Double-click on a server entry to connect to the server. If the user clicks on any of the column headers, the Servers Manager sorts the list by that column. If the user selects another column header, then the selected column is used as top criterion and the previous selection is used as the second.

A right-click menu allows the following actions:

  • Add WMS Server URL — same as the Add button
  • Edit URL — opens a dialog to let the user edit the URL
  • Retry Connection — retry if the current Connection status is “error”
  • Remove from list — same as the Delete button
  • Change Favorites Status — same as the Favorites button
Server Displays the details concerning the selected WMS Server.
  • Title: Displays the title of the currently selected server.
  • URL: Indicates the URL of the currently selected server.
  • Abstract: Displays a summary of the WMS Server information.
  • Keywords: Lists keywords used to describe the server.
  • Fees: Indicates whether there are attached fees.
  • Access Constraints: Specifies whether there are constraints on accessing the selected server.
  • Contact Information: Displays contact information for the WMS Server.
Ok Accepts all changes and writes them to the file and updates the Map Editor dialog with the selected server connection.