OpenUtilities Substation Help

Scale References

Used to resize a referenced model.

You can access this tool from the following:

  • Ribbon: Drawing > Attach > Reference
  • Toolbox: Reference

Also used to scale references selected using a fence and to scale references selected from the References dialog list.

Method Method by which the referenced model is scaled.
  • Scale Factor — Reference is scaled by a specified factor. For example, a scale factor of 2.00000 doubles the size of the reference.
  • Absolute Ratio — Reference is scaled by a specified ratio of Master file units to Reference file units. For example, to set five active model master units for each referenced model master unit, key in 5 in the left-hand field and 1 in the right-hand field.
  • By Points — Model is scaled by points entered.
Move Boundary with Reference If on, any clipping boundary and/or clipping mask(s) is scaled along with the reference.

If off, only the reference is scaled, while any clipping boundary and/or clipping mask(s) remain as is.

Use Reference Dialog List If on, the reference(s) selected in the References dialog is scaled.
Use Fence (Fence present only) If on, the fence contents are scaled. The option menu sets the Fence (Selection) Mode.
Key-in: REFERENCE SCALE ABSOLUTE [ [filename] ] [ [logical_name] ]
Key-in: REFERENCE SCALE FACTOR [ [filename] ] [ [logical_name] ]
Key-in: REFERENCE SCALE POINTS [ [filename] ] [ [logical_name] ]