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Run Reports

This dialog lets the user create and run custom reports.

Accessed from:

  • Output Ribbon > Automation Tools Group

The available report categories are listed on the left side of the dialog. Categories with available report formats will be marked with a + icon. Double click on the category name to display the reports inside. Click on the check-box beside the report name so that a check-mark appears. The user can select multiple reports and print them all at the same time.

Note: The user can also create and save a report output configuration file that defines a preferred combination of reports and output formats, then select this file in the Configuration field.

Sorting Displays the Sorting dialog which lets you sort the fields associated with the report.
Filters Displays the Filtering dialog which lets you define what is included or excluded on a report.
Options Displays the Options dialog which lets you define settings that affect the report content.

Select the output type. The following selections are available (you may select more that one for each report):

  • Preview - Select this button to display the report on the screen.
    Note: If you have selected one of the Change Report options to preview, you will be prompted with the Select Projects for Comparison dialog when you click the Preview button. This allows you to compare data between two different project revisions.
  • Text On Drawing - Displays the Text on Drawing dialog, which enables you to place the report on a drawing page.
    Note: To place a report on a drawing page, you must use a report template that is designed for this purpose. In the pre-configure reports, these are indicated by the word "-Drawing" in the report name. For example, BOM_Itemized - Drawing (metric).
  • Print -This check-box will send the report to a printer. A printer selection dialog will appear when you run the report.
  • Output to File -This check-box will cause the report to be stored as a file. When you select this check-box, additional fields and check-boxes become active. Use the Destination Folder field to browse to the folder where you wish to store the file. You can also press the PW button to generate the report to a ProjectWise folder. Check-boxes for the following file formats are available (you may select more that one for each report):
    • CSV - Generates reports in the Comma-Separated Variables format. When this check-box is selected, the Text Delimiter field becomes active which allows you to define the character that will separate values in the report.
    • HTML - Generate reports in HTML format. A Files subdirectory is created for each report to hold images and other files related to the report.
    • TXT - Generates reports in ASCII text format.
    • XLS - Generates reports in the XLS format, compatible with Microsoft Excel spreadsheet software.
    • MHT - Generates reports in the MHTML archived Web page format. This combines a web page and associated images into a single file which can be viewed using Internet Explorer.
    • RTF - Generates reports in the Rich Text Format, which is compatible with Microsoft Word and other word processors.
    • PDF - Generates reports in the Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format.
Run Generates the selected reports.

Standard Reports

Select Projects For Comparison Dialog

To Create a Report Output Configuration File