OpenUtilities Substation Help

Move Reference

Used to move a referenced model.

You can access this tool from the following:

  • Ribbon: Drawing > Attach > Reference
  • Toolbox: Reference

Also used to move a reference using a fence or to move a reference selected from the References dialog list.

Move Boundary with Reference If on, any clipping boundary and/or clipping mask(s) is moved with the reference.

If off, the reference is moved, with any clipping boundary and/or clipping mask(s) remaining as is. In effect, the reference "slides" through the boundaries/masks.

Use Reference Dialog List If on, the models selected on the References dialog are moved.
Use Fence If on, the fence contents are moved. The option menu sets the Fence (Selection) Mode.
Key-in: REFERENCE MOVE [ [filename] ] [ [logical_name] ]