OpenUtilities Substation Help

Project Settings

Project Descriptions Tab

The Project Settings mode enables you to specify project descriptions and address files that appear in title blocks and reports.

The Project Descriptions are displayed in a grid format as shown below with the description name in the left column with the description value in the right. Descriptions can be Added, Renamed and Removed using the toolbar icons.

Values for the descriptions are entered directly into the adjacent field. The values entered will be used as the defaults for the project.

Add Description Click this icon to add an additional description field to the grid. The Add Description dialog displays letting you define a name for the description:

Enter a description into the field and click OK to add it.

Rename Description Click on a description name and select this option to display the Rename Description dialog:

Enter a new name for the description into the field and click OK to change it.

Remove Description Select a description from the grid and click the icon to remove it from the list.
Reset Resets the description values to their original setting.
Default Value When a project is created, the default project value will be pulled from these default values.

Drawing Set/Installation/Location Descriptions

Lets the user add or rename Drawing Set, Installation and Location descriptions. The default value specified here will only be applied when the user creates a new instance of either of these. An example would be creating a new page that specifies a drawing set that was not previously used in the project. Existing description values are not overwritten when creating a new page that specifies an existing Drawing Set.

Note: The commands for these tabs are the same as the Project Descriptions described above.

The changes made in the Drawing Set, Installation or Location Descriptions tabs above would appear in the Project Manager > Drawing Set/Installation/Location tabs shown below:

Address File The default address will display here unless you select an different address from the drop down list.
New Click to create and define a new Address File.
Delete To delete an Address File, select the file and click Delete.
Address Address can be viewed/edited in this section.
Address Logo To add a logo (DGN file) to the address, use the Browse button to select the file.
Delete Deletes the selected logo.
Location The X-Coord and Y-Coord fields allow you to assign the position of the logo.

i-Model Settings

An i-model is a container for open infrastructure information exchange and enables bidirectional feedback in dynamic workflows. An i-model file can include 2D/3D geometry and business data as well as provenance: full knowledge of its origin and evolution. It is also self-describing: it needs no source application logic to display content. Bentley provides a number of software products for viewing i-models, including Bentley View, Bentley Navigator, and MicroStation. The Publish Options dialog enables you to select a schema to use for i-models and to specify measurement units to apply to the values exported within the i-model data.

Data Schema

Select a schema to use for i-models.

  • The Electrical (BRCM) option allows the data schema to be shared with the Bentley Raceway and Cable Management product.
  • The Electrical Extended option contains a much more detailed data schema, including details of all symbology used in the OpenUtilities Substation project.
Measurement Units Select whether your i-model will use Inch or Metric (millimeter) units of measurement.