OpenUtilities Substation Help

Project Publisher

The Project Publisher lets the user output drawings in various formats. You can also include various other files from outside OpenUtilities Substation such as Word documents and send them to the same folder as the published drawings.

Accessed from:

  • File Tab (Backstage View)
The user can output the following information using the Project Publisher:
  • Combine drawings, reports and parts data into a single PDF file
  • Include documents from outside OpenUtilities Substation in the folder with the drawings and in the combined PDF project output file.

The dialog is divided into two main areas: the left side where the user selects the function to perform, and the right side where information is displayed and entered or selected.

In the function-select area of the dialog there are three groups of functions:
  • Document Management - This section provides options to select the drawings or other documents to be published.
  • Configure Publisher - This section provides options to configure the content, formats and destination for the output.
  • Publish - This section provides options to create published output in selected formats.

Click on the links below for details on the options available in each of the function areas.