OpenUtilities Substation Help

Preferences Dialog, Spelling Category

Contains controls that set Spell Checker preferences.

Case differences Some words in the dictionary are flagged as case-sensitive, such as proper nouns. If this option is turned on, the spell checker ignores all case differences with the dictionary.
Repeated words If the same word is repeated multiple times in a row, this option allows you to report the repeats as spelling errors.
Paths, URLs, and e-mail addresses If on, Spell Checker ignores word that appear to be a file path, URL, or e-mail address.
Mixed case If on (default), Spell Checker ignores words with an unusual mixture of upper and lowercase letters. An example of a usual mixture might be words like "MicroStation." An unusual mixture might be something like "MiCroSTAtioN."
Words with numbers If on (default), Spell Checker ignores words that contain a mixture of letters, digits, or other symbols.
Uppercase words If on, Spell Checker ignores words consisting of all uppercase letters. The default is off.
Language Sets the supported language that Spell Checker will use. Once you select a language, the product must be restarted for it to take effect. The default is AmericanEnglish.